Sentinel Cyber-Security

In the past, security threats from external sources were slow-moving and easy to defend against. In today’s connected environment, outbreaks spread across the world in a matter of minutes, and security systems must react instantly. Point solutions can protect data privacy at network endpoints, but do not provide insight and visibility into all areas of the network. End-to-end security visibility gives security managers the information they need to implement best practices all along the network and ensure compliance with government requirements. Contact Us for more information on how Sentinel can protect your network infrastructure.



Sentinel - An Integrated Approach

Organizations want to align security policy to their business requirements, while having the agility to adapt easily as needs change. Integrating security into the network enables security professionals to control, deploy, and enforce policies according to business requirements, remaining secure yet flexible and agile.


Sentinel offers complete end-to-end security solutions that provide:

               • Threat control and defense with intrusion prevention system

               • Application and content security

               • Virtualization security (virtual firewall)

               • Highly secure access


Sentinel - Methodology

Keystone’s Sentinel cyber-security products employ a method called the cyber kill chain. Below are some videos that describe how this process works.



The diagram below illustrates how the cyber kill chain is applied.

How Networks Are Compromised

Understanding how networks are comprised is key to applying the cyber kill chain methodology.  The graphic below illustrates how networks are compromised and the importance of breaking the chain early in the process.


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.


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